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First-Hand Stories from Montana

I’m not real keen on seeing the titles to these lands vested in the individual States but it is better than the current condition. At least it is not as far to go to Billings or Santa Fe or Phoenix, … Continue reading

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House Passes Bill to Modernize Endangered Species Act

And another small token of a bone with respect to an issue that should have never been an issue. Rachel Carson, Paul Ehrlich, et al were proven wrong a long long time ago yet their wacky ideas linger on. — … Continue reading

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Senate Climate Change Resolution Blocked By GOP Lawmaker

You get a small break every now and then. But this is an issue that should not be an issue. Such a waste of human intellect and energy. — jtl, 419 by Ben Bullard  via Personal Liberty Digest A Democrat-led … Continue reading

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Water Scarcity: Blame It on Corporate Manipulations, Not Markets

Global corporations only exist because of judicial decisions that allow them to. Corporations are ALWAYS conflated with “capitalism” in the mainstream media and the result is that generations have been brainwashed into thinking these illegitimate facilities represent a marketplace evolution. … Continue reading

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The Reality Behind Animal Rights Radical’s ‘Re-Wilding’

The idea that “mother nature” is some sort of beautiful, benevolent lady in a long flowing white silk gown is a myth. In reality, she is a mean fickle bitch. (Anybody ever watch the TV show “Naked and Afraid?” — … Continue reading

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Hold On Farm – Canton, Tx

  Check out Charles and Rena Marie Borrego’s new web site.– jtl “THE EARTH IS GIVEN AS A COMMON STOCK FOR MAN TO LABOUR AN​D LIVE ON.” – Thomas Jefferson Our Ruby Red Devon Cattle are born and raised out on pasture … Continue reading

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Government Versus the Environment

Government Causes More Harm to the Environment Than Businesses or Individual Citizens Yep, government is the single largest polluter on earth. — jtl, 419 by RUSSELL MADDEN via The Freeman When the subject is the environment, the public perception is that … Continue reading

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5 Ways Cattle Help The Environment

Notice that there is no mention of “planned grazing” in the “5 Ways.” If you are so inclined, please follow the link to the original and remind them in the comment section that they need to read the book Planned … Continue reading

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130 Environmental Groups Call For An End To Capitalism

This explains the ultimate motive behind the day before yesterday’s: Here’s how much UN scientists think we should cut our meat and dairy consumption.  We are behind the curve folks–outnumbered and surrounded. But that is OK. Then Lt.Col. Lewis B (Chesty) Puller … Continue reading

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The Not So Wild, Wild West

This will be a chapter in a book I am currently editing: “Environmental & Natural Resource Economics: The Austrian View.” I wish I could have lived in those days. — jtl, 419  by Terry Anderson and P.J. Hill The growth of government during this … Continue reading

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