Commute the sentences of Dwight Lincoln Hammond Jr and Steven Dwight Hammond, both of Harney County Oregon.

 For what it might be worth. I signed the petition and received a message that I am “almost through” and I will need to “respond to an email” to verify my signature. That was a couple of hours ago and I still have not received an email.

You don’t suppose that the “petition” might be rigged, do you? Naaaah, your government would never do anything like that (tongue in cheek for the slow ones).  — jtl, 419

Dwight and Steven Hammond were tried in Federal Court for arson on Federal Lands. The trial judge at sentencing felt the mandatory 5 year sentence was cruel and unusual and gave them lesser sentences. The Hammond’s served that sentence and went home. The Federal Prosecutor appealed that sentence and won in Appeals Court to re-sentence the Hammond’s to the Mandatory 5 years (with time served). The residents of Harney County believe that they have served enough time and are asking the President for a commute of sentence for the remainder of the Appeals Court Sentence. Other citizens of these United States, also believing the Hammond’s have served enough time, are also signing this petition.

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Published Date: Dec 28, 2015

Signatures needed by January 27, 2016 to reach goal of 100,000


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Signatures: of 11,982

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One Response to Commute the sentences of Dwight Lincoln Hammond Jr and Steven Dwight Hammond, both of Harney County Oregon.

  1. tom sidwell says:

    I also looked at this petition and it didn’t pass the smell test.


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