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3 business tips for the ranching enterprise

Looking to tighten up your budget and expand new marketing opportunities? Check out these three business tips from industry experts. How about quitting the use of force on the land with strong armed, high energy consumptive, agronomic methods and adapting … Continue reading

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Why I disagree with Temple Grandin on reteaching predator instincts in cattle

Temple Grandin recently generated some controversy over her comments that ranchers need to reteach their herds to have better protective instincts against predators. Here’s why I believe “re-wilding” cattle is a bad idea and docility should be a top priority … Continue reading

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4 tips for dry-lotting beef cattle

Concerned about having enough forages to get through the 2015 summer grazing season? Many producers are considering semi-confinement, or “intensification,” for their herds. Here are four tips for successfully dry-lotting beef cattle. Is it a mystery to anyone why so … Continue reading

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3 must-read beef headlines to kick off your Monday morning

This week’s roundup of positive beef headlines includes five myths debunked, a former vegetarian praising the sustainability of beef cattle production, and how cattle might be the cure for Ebola. Check out these must-read beef headlines this morning. Maybe we … Continue reading

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6 ways the beef checkoff is encouraging consumers to take the 30 Day Protein Challenge

Looks like this might be an effective PR program. Let you friends and family know about it. — jtl by Amanda Radke in BEEF Daily Want to feel great, age gracefully and lose weight? Try the 30 Day Protein Challenge, … Continue reading

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3 ways to educate kids about where their food comes from

Today’s youth are four and five generations removed from the family farm; here are three ways ranchers can get involved in educating our nation’s youth about where their food comes from. by Amanda Radke  via Beef Daily Children have an … Continue reading

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3 ways to balance out the Meat Free Week conversations

 “If the population of Portland skipped meat for a day, not only would more than 300,000 animals be saved, but more than 90 million square feet of rainforest and 2.2 billion gallons of water would be preserved.” Where on earth … Continue reading

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New video debunks the myth about water usage in beef production

I can’t believe that the mouth breathers that start nonsense like this think we are totally stupid. Water is not “used” in the sense of being created or destroyed. There is a fixed amount of water in the hydrologic cycle. … Continue reading

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4 tips for managing cold stress in cattle this winter

I would add something I learned for an old guy I used to work for. He ranched back in the 1950’s but actually had missed his calling. He should have been an engineer. He lived by an adage–if you can’t … Continue reading

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In the news: former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin vs. PETA

PETA’s pettiness and hypocrisy shouldn’t surprise anyone–on this blog at least. — jtl, 419 by Amanda Radke in BEEF Daily The backlash against Sarah Palin’s photo of her six-year-old son standing on the family Labrador dog has sparked an interesting … Continue reading

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